Become a member of Bento Loyalty Program

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Now You have an opportunity to become a member of Bento loyalty program! 

What are the benefits for Bento Loyalty Card owners? 

  • Loyalty Card owner gets special prices for certain menu positions. List of certain courses is published on in section special offers - here and Bento social media accounts and will be changed every 2-4 weeks. 
  • After purchasing the Loyalty Card, points are accumulated with each order, which form the amount of the discount. The equivalent of points value is Eur. When accumulating 50 points, a 5% discount is granted to the Loyalty Card, the next 10% discount is granted by accumulating 150 points. To get a 15% discount you need to accumulate 350 points.

How to become a member?

Loyalty Card can be purchased, its cost is ir 2,00 Eur (incl VAT). It can be purchased at restaurants Bento A.Briāna street 9a, s/c Aleja, Vienības gatve 194a or s/c Sāga, Bikeru street 4. 

Important information!

1. Loyalty Card is valid only in the following below restaurants and doesn't apply to delivery orders.   

  • Restaurant BENTO, A. Briāna ielā 9a, Rīga;
  • Restaurant BENTO, t/c Sāga, Biķeru iela 4, Dreiliņi;
  • Restaurant BENTO, t/c Aleja, Vienības gatve 194a, Rīga

2. You must fill out a form to receive a card.

3. Accumulation of points on the Loyalty Card starts with the first purchase. Special price offers are available immediately upon first purchase.

4. The accumulation of points made on the Card is valid for 6 months after the Card activation date. In case the Program Participant has not visited restaurants within 6 months, the accumulated points and discounts are deleted.