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Butterfish with rice

Butterfish, tiger prawn, baked mussel, mango-passion fruit sauce..

11.90€ 11.90€

Chicken in Teriyaki sauce

Chicken skewers in Teriyaki sauce with vegetable chiffonade, carrot puree, peas oil and rucola..

8.40€ 8.40€

Chicken roll with mozarella

Chicken roll with mozzarella, poached egg, grilled vegetables..

11.90€ 11.90€

Duck confi

Duck confi with potato croquet, potato fritte Demi Glass and carrot puree..

12.90€ 12.90€

Ebi Inari (1 pcs.)

Shrimps, avocado, mayonnaise, cucumber, roe Masago..

4.35€ 4.35€

Entrecote with ginger pear

Entrecote with ginger pear, potato croquets, blanched broccoli, cauliflower and Demi glass sauce..

13.50€ 13.50€
Ginger dessert New

Ginger dessert

Ginger ice-cream with ginger caramel, ginger jam and pear boiled in ginger ..

4.80€ 4.80€
Ice-cream with grill banana New

Ice-cream with grill banana

Grilled banana with homemade lime ice-cream. Served with burnt sugar and Rum sauce, fresh berries an..

4.80€ 4.80€

Maguro Tataki

Tuna, sesame, Truffle Ponzu dressing..

8.50€ 8.50€

Mozzarella Tempura

Mozzarella Tempura with tomato salsa, rucola, peas oil, grapefruit puree and herb Pesto..

6.50€ 6.50€

Pasta with seafood

Shrimps, squids, mussel, cream, Parmesan cheese..

8.90€ 8.90€

Ramen soup with pork

Coconut milk, chicken roll, lettuce Rok choi, corn, lotus root, egg, noodles ..

7.20€ 7.20€

Ramen soup with seafood

Bisque bouillon, served with tuna, butterfish, tiger prawns, marinated pumpkin, Pok choi, egg and no..

8.50€ 8.50€

Sake Inari (1 pcs.)

Salmon, avocado, mayonnaise, kampio..

4.35€ 4.35€

Sake Tataki

Salmon, sesame, Truffle Ponzu dressing..

7.50€ 7.50€

Salmon steak

Salmon steak with fried vegetables, celery puree, sea buckthorn gel, marinated mushrooms, rice croqu..

10.90€ 10.90€

Starter with eel

Potato fritte with eel, smoked mayonnaise, wakame and sea buckthorn gel..

7.60€ 7.60€

Taito maki (8 pcs.)

Salmon, omelette, avocado, kampio, roe Masago, fried onion..

8.80€ 8.80€

Unagi Inari (1 pcs.)

Eel, avocado, mayonnaise, cucumber, tomago, roe Masago..

4.35€ 4.35€